Solar Energy is an affordable and cost-effective


Megawatt Solar provides preventative solutions.

The Sunshine Difference

Our Solar System Revolves Around You!

About Megawatt Solar

We are one of the upcoming installers in the North Texas & Dallas Area. We know that Solar installations are quite complex and a lot of customers feel daunting in figuring out what to get and who they can trust. We want to make that experience as simple and straightforward as possible. We believe in being transparent and clear upfront with our dealings. We bring top of the line services and affordability to the customers.

To meet or exceed industry standards, we believe in rigorous training and maintaining proper certifications for our personal. We offer only the top of the line products in our installation that meet or exceed performance expectations and industry standards.

Please reach out to us if you are thinking of getting a solar system or to hear what we can offer.


Our Services

We strive to provide quality assured services!

1. Roof Mounts

Evaluate Roof, energy usage, estimate system sizing and installation of Solar System

2. Ground Mounts

Evaluate site, Current energy usage, estimate system sizing and Installation

3. Support & Cleaning services

Evaluate your Solar system for any faults, debug issues and also provide cleaning services.