Put Empty Yard Space to Good Use

Schedule our ground solar unit installation service in Fort Worth & Frisco, TX

If you have plenty of unused space around your property, a ground solar system is the way to go. Mega Watt Solar offers ground solar unit installation services in the Fort Worth & Frisco, TX area.

First, we'll install mounts and bracketing into the ground. Then, we'll add the panels and run all the wiring to link them together and connect them to your home. After that, you can monitor your energy consumption from the net metering program we'll install. The meter will track how much excess power your system generates and sends back to the grid, giving you credit with your power company.

We can customize your panel setup based on your preferences and space available. To get a free estimate on our solar panel installation and control panel wiring service, call 214-326-0763 today.

Why install solar panels in the ground?

While there are several options for where to put solar panels, if you have the room, the ground is the best option for your money. Our ground solar unit installation services provide several benefits, such as:

  • Saving you money on your energy bill every month
  • Producing more energy per panel than other areas
  • Boosting your home's overall value
Making your home more energy-efficient is our number one priority. Learn more about our ground installation and control panel wiring service when you reach out today.