Make Your Roof Work for You

Get residential roof mounted solar panels in Fort Worth & Frisco, TX

For those in Fort Worth & Frisco, TX that don't own a lot of land, roof solar panels are a great option. Mega Watt Solar can install residential roof mounted solar panels to increase your home's energy efficiency. We can also recommend the best place to install your panels for optimum sunlight exposure.

We cover the entire process, including the solar panel preinstallation service. Find out more when you call 214-326-0763 today.

We'll take everything into account

There are several factors to consider before installing residential roof mounted solar panels. Fortunately, our team verifies that everything is in order before we get to work, including:

  • HOA guidelines
  • The size of your roof
  • Your home's energy demands
  • How many amps your system can handle
Once all the boxes are checked, we'll get right to work with our solar panel preinstallation service and help integrate your system with your utility provider. Get a free estimate when you get in touch today.