Keep the Solar Power Flowing Year-Round

Trust us for solar panel maintenance in Fort Worth & Frisco, TX

To keep solar panels running efficiently, we recommend having a professional look over them at least twice a year. Mega Watt Solar provides solar panel maintenance for residential and commercial property owners in the Fort Worth & Frisco, TX area. We'll help prevent or fix outages and make sure you feel confident about the efficiency of your system. Plus, we'll give you all the knowledge needed to maintain your panels yourself.

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Protect your panels from the harmful elements

Since solar panels are placed in open areas, they are susceptible to weathering. But our solar panel monitoring service covers cleaning your panel's protective glass of:

  • Dirt
  • Moss
  • Leaves
  • Bird droppings
Stay ahead of any energy production issues with our solar panel maintenance services. To get a free estimate, reach out to our team today.